embarked on a path of innovation and entrepreneurship, this is a lot of people’s pursuit, however, in the course of the actual development of the cause, no one can guarantee the success of the cause. To this end, Wuhan recently issued a formal "on encouraging innovation failure tolerance support" city partners "continuous innovation and entrepreneurship implementation methods", "city of partners" innovation and entrepreneurship in 10 kinds of mistakes and failures to be exempted from liability, and provide ongoing support, ensure their business failure can still maintain a decent life with dignity.

in July last year, Wuhan, the first to send a talent at home and abroad, city partner invitation, attracting a large number of talent at home and abroad focus on Wuhan. In March this year and recently, after the qualification, experts believe that social publicity and other procedures, Wuhan has selected and announced the two installment of the city partner list.

according to incomplete statistics, the first urban partner has established 74 enterprises in Wuhan, produced a total of 6 listed companies, more than 5 companies are preparing for listing. The second batch of Wuhan City, the 2 partner is an academician of the Academy of Engineering Chinese, team of 8 core members served as the world’s top 500 enterprises or Chinese 500 companies, 7 people people plan experts, 39 people received a doctor’s degree, 32 people with overseas study and work experience.

In order to encourage "

City partners" dare, entrepreneurship and innovation measures for the implementation of the new regulations clearly, "city partners" failed due to unforeseeable risks caused by the failure, in the innovation process, as long as it meets one of the following circumstances, tolerance and responsibility will be exempted, and included in the scope of the continued support of innovation and entrepreneurship.

the 10 exonerations respectively: because the policy boundaries are not clear or unpredictable factors causing failure or deviation; project venture capital participation, the government to finance the way with investment; project investment to enterprises, government funded by enterprises bear the major economic loss in the process of project implementation; the introduction of domestic and foreign industry leading talent, or authorized in accordance with project target invention patent, or the realization of the local transformation technology achievements.


project due to unforeseen difficulties caused by overdue, apply for an extension to complete the project after; technology shares of other enterprises, and the latter can continue; enterprise financing through other channels to promote the project; project operation to fail, but easy to get technology through pay income is not lower than the government funded capital investment; the operation of the project failed, but enterprises continue to obtain venture backed enterprises; project operation failed, but there is no serious wasteful behavior.


to determine to be exempt from the "responsibility of city partners, in addition to compensation funds and venture capital shall not recover losses, Wuhan will also set up the innovative talent guarantee fund, the establishment of government funding and personnel assistance mechanisms, reduce the personnel office, living, learning, social cost, insurance.