took over a store, will want to do business, it is not easy, even if there are already accumulated customer groups, but now the competition is so fierce, if you don’t take some action, is not easy to succeed. Duan Xuening is an ordinary retail customer in Wuqiao, Hebei. Five years ago, she took the store from her mother. Although the lack of experience, but the section of the brain is flexible, know how to seize the opportunity, leveraging the east wind, the same business is booming.

seize the opportunity to attract customers

Duan Xuening shop area of only more than and 30 square meters, has been operated by the mother of the past more than and 10 years. In 2011, the mother sick need to recuperate, became the new boss Xuening section.

at first, because the mother has accumulated many years of contacts, business is pretty good. But then opened a few new near the size of the supermarket, the source of the store gradually less. June 2013, in less than 200 meters away from the shop, a large shopping center of the completion of the four floor.

in the face of such a strong competitor, near the small supermarket owners are feeling a lot of pressure, but Duan Xuening smell from the business opportunities. The mall opened a few days ago, she quickly made a "new arrival, inventory sale" signs outside the shop erected a pergola, moved home idle in large freezer, filled with ice cream, cold drinks etc..

mall opened that day, the streets crowded. Because of the fear of too many customers stampede, shopping malls in the opening half an hour after the temporary closure of the shutter doors, late customers can only wait in the sun. For a time, some shop door under the awning Xuening is crowded with people. Soon, not only the sale of cold drinks and light, other commodities have also sold a lot. More importantly, the pretext of "Dongfeng" that Duan Xuening has opened up a lot of new customers.

sincere service to retain customers

last spring, a new bus station outside the shop. See a lot of people in the street every day and so on the car, Duan Meng Meng Meng, in addition to the entrance of a fruit stall. For the convenience of customers in a hurry, some also put all kinds of fruits in advance than Xuening, packed into a small package of different components. This approach is really in line with the needs of customers waiting for the car, the store’s turnover has increased a lot.

for the customer into the store shopping, some will try to provide considerate service xuening. For example, in the reception of a customer, and the customer to the store shopping, she will take care of the former customers and quickly with the new store customers to greet. Some customers with children, some will come up with orange or Xuening biscuits and other small food for children, so that customers can choose at ease.

is really competitive