said the rapid development of the Internet we recently promoting greater development of catering market, many people optimistic about the prospects of Internet catering professionals, analysis on the future direction of the Internet plus dining and morphological characteristics: the future of the catering industry will move toward the direction of polarization: one is the pure food direction of higher operational efficiency, is a for the purpose of social experience direction.

corresponds to the future, there are only three forms of food and beverage: the first: the global chain of online restaurants, the second: personalized Chef Restaurant, the third: social type of restaurant.

generally do not work in the direction of polarization, can not rely on these three forms, and ultimately will be eliminated!

today is no longer a new cross-border business robbery. The boundaries of the industry is becoming more and more blurred, if only based on the industry standard to consider, more opinionated.

ground business staring at the opposite side of the business is better, but forget they were replaced by electricity supplier. Our vision can not just stay in the industry, which has become an indisputable fact of modern business.

of course, the Internet community is not cook, but then again, you can cook and how? Is not to be

to the kitchen?

1, what is Internet catering?

Xiaobian that meet the following four characteristics of the enterprise, is the real Internet catering, or that the catering business has been fully internet.

four features:

digital products, consumer data, user socialization, brand community.

is not just to let the product line, but the entire product can be quantified by digital, can be traced back, can be evaluated by consumers.

every time the consumption to form a complete data, not just a consumption amount. A complete consumption data include: who who, when when, where, what what, how much spend, how care experience, frequency frequency.

when Facebook, twitter, micro-blog, WeChat, unfamiliar street, as well as a variety of social networking platform appears, the vast majority of our users grow on these platforms.

The ultimate goal of

is to establish corporate brand, brand building process and today is no longer the enterprise itself, but the fans and users to build brand. Brand community is the enterprise open, transparent