matchmaking is modern people are not unfamiliar, but the dog dating agency, I believe you may not know, so many people unfamiliar, but it is this strange dog dating, but contains huge business opportunities, a huge prospect!

"had a pet matchmaking website is purely coincidental." The site’s founder Lan Shengdong introduced 6 years ago, he was still in Fuzhou a Taiwan funded enterprises to work, and the company boss raised three yuan more than the value of thousands of dogs. "The dog breeding season," the boss looking for relatives. "." Lan Shengdong said, after looking for, the boss has not been found for dogs purebred pedigree breeding objects.

to open the store and network interactive

"many domestic pets are relying on pet hospitals, pet beauty salons for pets to find" laws "." Lan Shengdong said that if the pairing is hasty, often lead to one or both of the blood impure puppy only 1/4 descent born; a infectious disease infection to the other party; both parents have the problems of breeding price. It can be said that this provides professional pet matchmaking services market space.

the reporter learned that after an investigation, the current pet matchmaking service specializing in domestic websites are not many, only Beijing, Fujian, Nanjing and a few other city such sites. The professional pet shop is still very few, even Shanghai, Chongqing, the number of pets in the city is also very rare. "The next step, I’m going with some ‘kennel’ business cooperation on Taobao, collect more information on pets, intended to open physical stores." Lan Shengdong said pet matchmaking to achieve a large profit, or to rely on the site to achieve the interaction of entities and networks.

"is still in the planning stages." Lan Shengdong revealed that the site is now