in recent years, more and more college graduates, employment pressure, there are a lot of college graduates chose to start their own business. This is not, Xiaobian for you to share is the story of four college students, come and see how they choose to start their own business projects, to achieve their dreams.

now — Qufu City, Wu village the village fruit trees, a variety of attractive fruit picking season is about to enter.

breathe the fresh mountain air, the smell of fruit fragrance, the reporter saw two college-graduate village official Chen Jun and Zhang Yan in an apple orchard, and they are talking about rural tourism cooperatives Eagle commercial fruit picking season.

"from the initiation of the idea of self employment, to set up the eagle rural tourism cooperatives are not prompted by a sudden impulse." Zhang Yan introduced to us their entrepreneurial experience, Qufu is a tourist city, every year thousands of tourists to Qufu tourism, so in May this year, we sprout the idea of entrepreneurship."

"I and Zhang Yan, Mao Changbo, Bao Rong QR method 3 people together to discuss how to share in tourism development in Qufu." Chen Jun also opened the chatterbox, "Wu village is fruit Township, we think, if you can organize a cooperative, to lead visitors to the fields, farmers can not only solve the difficult problem of transportation and sale, also can let visitors get more fun."

silaixiangqu, 4 staff in the village Wu Village "small shareholders" through negotiation, each decision into the capital of 5000 yuan to set up Qufu city tourism professional agricultural cooperatives eagle, together bigger and stronger Wu Village Rural Tourism articles. "At first we co Chuangshe concept positioning in rural services, by attracting the orchard into the club, the cooperative is responsible for market development, market operation and other affairs, realize farmers professional cooperatives planting, marketing win-win model. The purpose of cooperatives is through the effective integration of resources and ecological resources in the town of Wu Village, the cooperatives to create a well-known brand of rural tourism." Zhang Yan introduced us to their business philosophy.

The first event

The Eagle / agricultural tourism cooperatives