although the catering market is always a sunrise industry in the catering business to join the road is also very popular, so many people see this phenomenon "to" let them take advantage of how to break this scam, then we share share their tricks.

1, by means of false advertising, exaggerate their own chain scale.

2, borrow card eggs, with a sort of a small brand desperately close initial fee, and to provide raw materials and materials to make money. The image of its own brand completely ignored. The fight is break even the people’s mind; finally dropped mess.

3, direct change catering chain, have their own retail brands, but with join join gold quickly bring benefits, regardless of their own strength, has established franchise center completely incapable of dealing with the franchisee business management needs and a lot of problems. The shortage of talents make the franchisee in addition to sign what did not get, but resigned.

4 and the leader itself faces enormous competition beyond the interests of franchisees regardless, greatly reduce the cost of joining to vicious competition, resulting in damage to the interests of franchisees. Some leader quantity or in a city, allowing the number of businesses catering membership unlimited expansion, resulting in joining soon into a loss.

recommended: times of fresh investment in environmental protection and good market prospects to make money fast