old town west swing community, there is a door where the old man Noodle Casserole shop, opened in Lanzhou Ramen next to look at a humble little shop. But! Whenever you go, you can see everyone. You go to lunch, you go to dinner, queuing; queuing; you have to go to the night night, people in front of you!

needs to lead the way in their house for dinner. Because the chicken duck at noon often out of stock, fried snail and clam to the kitchen to grab, smoothly eat this meal, the most reasonable division is: one grab position, one in front of the queue to buy fried and Dry Noodle Casserole, a person in the kitchen to grab food to eat, do not force a face Meng standing on the edge of the brush mobile phone.

because the business is good, simply can not stop, so this is a, 24 hours do not close the snack bar, the volume of the door of the shop, only when the new year pulled down, and then pull up once. A family of four are nervous to perform their duties, almost no time to talk about the days. Even at four or five every day after supper, they are not idle, and preparing for a new day of food and food.

is new Chen Rongming boss. Seventeen years ago, at the age of 38, he left his hometown with his wife and son, and started a snack business in Hangzhou. They did not think of, this shop will eventually become a legendary Hangzhou snack industry; of course, did not expect one family life after ten years, would like the wind in the hands, around the shop never stop for a moment.

this shop, but also to the family brings wealth, once the city where the old man reported the story, with the title "the shop by two suites fried snail made two BMW cars". Now, the boss should be more low-key, mention the car to buy a house, the boss immediately interrupted him.

entrepreneurial story:

"where the old man" is one of only twenty or thirty square meters of shops, the main stem, fried rice, chicken, duck, casserole, crayfish, and fried snail. A total of seven or eight people in the store, including Chen Rongming couple, Chen Fan, a chef brought home, a few invited to help the aunt, as well as Chen’s younger brother.

their schedule is like this: Chen Fan from 1 in the morning to the afternoon, the couple from the early morning of the evening of 9 to midnight at midnight, Chen Yi and chef from the afternoon of four or five to the next morning at four or five in the morning at about 12 o’clock in the morning from the beginning of. Each class has 12 to 15 hours.

has been working for many years. In addition to the Spring Festival every year back home that day, Chen Fan has not seen the sunset over ten years.

it’s almost a snack bar that never closes.