for many years engaged in the food and beverage industry, the food and beverage market has been basically mixed, but some people will say: maybe you know the restaurant, but may not understand the food brand. In ten minutes, I’ll tell you something interesting.

why you may not know the restaurant brand

1, the origin of the brand.

English BRAND, the Chinese translation of "brand", the first time people use this way to mark livestock and other people need to distinguish between private property. In the Middle Ages in Europe for craftsman people branded with the mark left in their handicrafts, so that producers and countries customer identification products.

brand is not LOGO, VI, CIS, nor culture…

brand is a comprehensive experience of consumers, the formation of a unique view of your business or imprint.

One of the best brands in the new era of

consists of the founding team + core products and corporate culture, the formation of strong brand potential three in one axis, Neiwaijianxiu to form a unique view.

2, the formation of a brand is composed of the creation and management.

brand was created as a child, is through "mode. Positioning products. Pricing. Creative design. Construction of brand core competitiveness, customer benefits, brand foundation, good planning to let the children have excellent genes.

brand management as a child. According to the core competitiveness of the brand and the point of interest, through the marketing, public relations, activities, employees and other plans to implant the minds of customers. Good genes also need good education management, in order to become a man of tremendous promise.

3, the frequency of consumption is the core to determine how far the brand live long.

of these two new restaurants, is the wind wind fire fire at this point, foreign food and beverage brands, in addition to the north of Guangzhou in the mainland market is mostly tepid, I do not exclude the diet Western-style food of French dishes, but a week to eat a meal fourteen average is super fans. On the contrary, noodle, Chinese food, Hot pot, a week to four or five times.

restaurant is a fast track not profiteering industry, relying on industry sustainable management. Very careful in reckoning slow, so you can see, the domestic large chain brand, is a very high frequency just need to brand.

cuisine is not an enterprise brand

"the flavor of Hunan, Guangdong, Sichuan authentic classic…" >