steak can be used as a snack to eat in the hands, so the idea is not very magical, so that eating steak into a life of enjoyment, which is the cup of a miracle. Cup of beef steak and snacks. Shakespeare Inn House steak cup join to subvert the people’s cognition, the elaborate design will combine the steak, steak, fried chicken, French fries, snacks, drinks, meat collocation is reasonable, perfect, eat and drink out of tricks, two. Shopping, watching movies, dating chat, Sha Yin Wu essential staff, become new favorites chowhound.

shop open shop, the store can be small, theater, business super, pedestrian street, food city… Stall mouth shops, specialty stores, theme shops, boutiques, shops can enjoy the main store, but also to bring home and love to share. Even with a variety of takeaway platform powerful combination, Tang eat takeout detonated wealth!

how about joining the club? What are the characteristics? What needs to join the conditions? How to join this project? Look at the following specific introduction

the characteristics of the club’s cup

eat and drink with, not tired. Mix and match, consumption doubled!

enjoy enjoy steak box, double cup, secret sauce, mix mix, meat collocation, delicious and healthy balance. Combined with all kinds of drinks, per capita consumption doubled; summer and winter with hot snack, there are four main section; late afternoon snack with 18h business day business uninterrupted. The core of the house is "eat and drink with, not tired!"

semi-finished products distribution, logistics direct cost straight down 50%!

large quantities of semi-finished raw materials purchased from headquarters, strictly guarantee product quality. The headquarters of large logistics base, all semi-finished products and special sauces served directly, the cost of straight down 50%! Partners without experience, there is no need to bother for a variety of food procurement, cooperation and Sha Yin House, simply enjoy the wealth of


steak house to join the club ·

1, dare to innovate, have a strong sense of entrepreneurship;

2, have a good business reputation, have a certain amount of capital input capacity;

3, there is a certain sense of brand management, agree with the hot brand concept;

4, love the food and beverage industry, have the ability to expand the market, management ability;

5, recognize and accept a hot distribution system constraints, integrity compliance.