in Chinese many consumers have such feelings, lots of Western restaurants and Western-style food under the guise of what the service is entirely in accordance with the Chinese way, wanted to feel the real dining restaurant is what kind of feelings, but the results are often greatly disappointed, but it is not tasty the same.

Sai steak orthodox Western-style food experience, is also a deep impression to the guest left sai. Many Western restaurants in Shanghai, although the style is the style of Western food, but the food is still the Chinese food when the road – all dishes are not all up. Sai steak has always believed that Western-style food dining atmosphere is very important, as a stage show, according to the order of serving, guests can enjoy every dish interval can talk easily with friends, at any time can maintain such elegant and Orthodox is in a leisurely and carefree mood, west dining experience. Sai steak is such a brand in the eyes of many franchisees, this is a very good project, so tasty how to join?

Sai steak how to join? What are the conditions?

join conditions:

1, the franchisee must agree with the concept of brand identity, all brands, and accept the TASTY with a set of tasty Western-style food business model;

2, the franchisee must meet certain qualifications, must be industrious, hard-working, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, coordination ability and business management, the ability to have the ambition to grow TASTY tasty Western-style food undertakings;

3, as the brand franchisees must obey the headquarters arrangement, obey the TASTY Sai steak headquarters Western-style food management, and good business reputation;

4, owned business premises, business area of more than 5 square meters;

5, money is very important, adequate funding is the undertaking necessary, at the same time, there are of enthusiasm for the TASTY business

Western-style food tasty!

join process:

To understand the answer to

project consultation preliminary approval to TASTY Sai steak to join the intention to apply to arrange the inspection, to visit and negotiate cooperation signing to assist site selection to fall assessment and store design, construction, decoration, installation, store clerk recruitment, training equipment, business headquarters operations management

joined the brand to join the details, hoping to help you, to join the tasty!