news recently in Qinghai, Xining City West District People’s Procuratorate analysis found that the taxi driver robbery crime situation, this kind of case highlights four characteristics, and to remind the majority of taxi drivers to pay attention to improve their safety awareness.

location of the crime, the crime time in the middle of the night. The junction sites in the township, intersection, suburbs, such as Hu Yongtai, Lin Peng in the robbery case, involved in Zhangjiawan village, East District in the west area of the South Village, etc. the implementation of robbery crime 3 onwards to the taxi driver, the time at 23 PM to 3 am.

involved in the robbery at the same time, but also damaged the taxi. As in the case of Jiang Jinfa, who in October 2006 respectively in the West District of Shenyang village, business school in the tunnel holding the weapon robbery crime, because of not getting money, two taxi windows destroyed. And as the king, Chen Yongpeng, Pu Guizhen Navy cases, 3 people were robbed on June 2007 at the 61 bridge, east door slightly, Nanchuan road etc., 3 taxis will destroy.

form of crime is a joint crime. In the 2005 to the beginning of 2008 to accept the 14 cases, one person alone, only the crime of up to 4, and the rest are more than a joint crime of more than two people, of which more than 3 gang crime from 7.

involved have no fixed occupation, part of a criminal record. 33 people involved, 6 were emancipist, 2 people including recidivism. Such as the person involved in Lin Wanhong, 5 times because of the crime has been sentenced or reeducation through labor, in August 2005 was arrested for robbery taxi driver. In the past four years, although the situation has shown new features, the number of cases has decreased year by year. The taxi driver should raise the awareness of self, such as the installation of a protective fence, equipped with personnel, refusing to encounter suspicious persons etc.. (author: Ye Yuanyuan)