General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that the "13th Five-Year" is a period of poverty alleviation kenyinggutou, rattling period, the majority of Party members and cadres must be determined to make efforts to speed up, to progress together to win the battle of poverty.

as of the end of 2015, according to the current standard of poverty, the province still has about 500000 people living below the poverty line. Poverty is still the most prominent and difficult to make up the short board. Invictus, cadres at all levels of poverty alleviation is the organizer, executor and implementer, their work style is the key to success or failure of the relationship.

at present, as poverty alleviation key period, in accordance with the deployment decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, we must complete before 2020 poverty, poor villages and poor counties orderly exit, to ensure the realization of poverty alleviation goals on schedule. Orderly exit, the majority of Party members and cadres need to seek truth from facts, standardized operation. Strict implementation of the exit criteria, standardize work processes, to ensure that these procedures are open, accurate data, file integrity, fair, and resolutely prevent false poverty, ensure that poverty exit reflect the objective reality, stand the test. Each party members and cadres, more often in awe of the heart, put down the shelf puxiashenzai, adhere to equal status with the reception of the masses, not in front of the masses daguanqiang, airs, talk; to use the peace of mind is closely linked with the masses, not superior, not the right pressure of people. Do not get on the surface, but in reality it is bustling with vigour and vitality, to superiors and attract the attention of the crowd. To be in awe of the masses of the attitude, the attitude of the soul, to solve the most prominent problems of the masses.

there is an old saying: "residents don’t love people, such as stealing clothes". The behavior of cadres, the masses are in the eyes, in mind. As the lead of poverty alleviation, the "backbone" of the party members and cadres to resolutely guard against formalism, with hard work, go fast lead masses, gathering strength; to adhere to the grassroots level, charge into the enemy ranks to solve practical problems and difficulties in the rank, do it one step at a time and each of the work implement every measure for the leaders, to be pragmatic.