Self driving tour, rural tourism, scenic tour, during the eleven golden week, Qinghai Lake lake a magnificent landscape attracts tourists from all over the country, the reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, eleven golden week this year, a total of 1 million 251 thousand domestic and foreign tourists trips, tourism revenue 1 billion 248 million yuan, an increase of 13.6% and 31.7% respectively. Among them, the overnight tourists 476 thousand and 600 passengers, an increase of 16.4%. It is understood that this year is the eleven Golden Week "tourism law" after the implementation of the second eleven golden week, the main area of our province (including the Qinghai Lake Jiro sword, bird island, Milton scenic) 55 thousand and 200 tourists trips, tourism revenue 7 million 479 thousand and 500 yuan, 4 million 16 thousand yuan tickets; Kumbum Monastery tourists 69 thousand and 600 passengers, ticket sales 3 million 821 thousand and 200 yuan; Guide reception 58 thousand and 300 tourists trips, tourism revenue 15 million 300 thousand yuan; Xining City People’s Park tourists 135 thousand and 800 passengers; Tu homeland Park tourists 55 thousand passengers, tourism revenue 15 million 380 thousand yuan. It is reported that this year the eleven Golden Week tourism presents the characteristics of the scale of significant growth, the province travel, driving, travel of our province tourism market, tourism consumption significantly improved, passenger transport capacity increased significantly, civilized travel, business integrity has become the main theme. The province’s major scenic spots (spots) tourism, showing a sustained blowout trend, part of the scenic one-day reception more than ten thousand people, Japan’s tourism revenue exceeded one million yuan. The province received a total of 774 thousand and 400 tourists trips, an increase of 11.9%. Leisure tourism, rural tourism, cultural tourism, red tourism and other emerging tourist products favored by tourists. Gan, Ning, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Chongqing and other provinces (cities) into the province to drive the main source of tourists and new growth points. Self driving tourists concentrated in the Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, the city of atomic, mutual homeland Park, and other scenic spots. Xining star hotel average occupancy rate of 52.33%, the average occupancy rate of star hotels in East Sea city of 63.86%, Haixi state star hotel average occupancy rate of 61.86%, Hainan star hotel average occupancy rate of 55.1%. Foreign tourists are fond of Qinghai tourism products, beef jerky, Chinese wolfberry, Potentilla and other tourist merchandise popular with tourists. In order to create a safe and orderly market environment, the provincial holiday office launched the operation mechanism of holiday tourism, set up 24 hours on duty and emergency work system, guarantee the realization of the eleven golden week period no accidents, no major complaints target.