statement: the author of this paper is completely original, starting Admin5, reference please indicate the source and author. To be honest.

now has been completely soft booming. But the quality is really soft uneven. Many master grant some experience, learn COPY and paste, and then rob Peter to pay Paul, put an article originally to make recognition, let readers after reading, don’t know what to say, be aware of what

?This text is soft built

site keywords. In fact, no see. What people don’t see your site, not to mention what hits! And serious damage to all those hard to write original, original, in the end, the article to become someone else, even no sign. I have been a lot of damage to others. Not much to say.

in the next few years, learn a few words, a few years to do the site and some personal experience, ready to write a series of out for your reference, but also hope that we can learn to write soft.

Before the

to write text, make a core focus, clear structure can be divided roughly, in order to facilitate the actual operation, I take a clothing website to explain writing.

, a list of core keywords and open

1, target site:

2, the target site of the key words: decorative fashion fashion sense, the latest trend, clothing taste

[explained]: why should be listed, this has a learning, the purpose of the soft is to promote, that is, promotion, so soft text content of the key words become the most important part. Grasp the key words, this can be in the following text, highlight the key distribution ratio.

At the beginning of the

not too long, a few words to tell people what you want to say, this will attract others see your body.

is now writing the text!

two, write text

articles we have learned, three paragraph, total score, total score. The change is basically these. Note, however, the network can not write too soft soft. In general, the requirements of a good relationship between the logic of the line, but in the choice of entry point, we must make a good analysis, analysis of the right entry point, it determines the difficulty of writing this text. The principle is: to take evasive, persimmon soft pinch, the convenience of writing, I will start this theme wide. Examples illustrate:

wearfeeling forum, we open its Web site can be seen in the form of his architecture. Divided into four categories,

1, tidal current information

2, costume comment

3, fashion hundred answers

4, you come to me to