"Qinghai province leading cadres environmental damage accountability implementation rules (Trial)" implemented from August 1st this year, which means that our province party and government leading cadres of ecological damage liability lifelong accountability system, resulting in the ecological environment and resources for violation of the requirements of scientific development, serious damage to the responsible person regardless of whether it has been removed promotion or retirement, must be strictly accountable in accordance with the cadre management authority.

according to the detailed rules for the implementation of our province, leading cadres accountability system to highlight the damage to the ecological environment of the party with responsibility, emphasizing lifelong responsibility, the provisions of the province’s township (town, street) above the leading members of the party committees and governments and relevant departments, and departments of the leadership personnel, in the implementation of the central and provincial on the construction of ecological civilization the decision to deploy, contrary to the natural ecological law and the requirements of scientific development, ecological environment and resource protection in violation of the relevant policies, laws and regulations, not to perform or not perform their duties properly, resulting in environmental pollution, ecological damage and other serious consequences and adverse effects, according to the responsibility responsibility respectively.

at the same time, the province’s party and government leading cadres of the implementation of the ecological environment liability investigation also clarified the responsibility of the main body, refine the responsibility situation. For the Party committee and government and its relevant departments in decision-making, execution and supervision may be not as chaotic as problems caused by ecological damage to the environment, determine the main responsibility of 4 kinds of 32 kinds of specific accountability, among them, the local party and government leadership, leading members of the principal responsible person of relevant leaders and members the relevant departments are clear 9 accountable situation. Clear responsibility form includes notification, admonishing 5, responsibility start program for the duties of supervision department found responsibility situation, must be in accordance with the terms of the investigation and advise, organization, discipline inspection and supervision departments accountable to the authority and procedures; due to the media exposure, the masses, investigating and handling cases found in other ways accountable, by the discipline inspection and supervision organs in conjunction with the relevant departments for investigation after the suggestion; found in the supervision of cadres in need responsibility, by the organization (personnel) departments for investigation in accordance with the authority and procedures shall be dealt with or suggestion.

in addition, the provincial Party and government leading cadres to strengthen the use of environmental damage liability system to strengthen the results of the investigation, strict accountability. In the work of appointing local members of the Party leadership in the selection, the consumption of resources and environmental protection as an important content of the annual target responsibility assessment, leadership research and outgoing audit of leading cadres, to cause serious damage to responsible cadres in the ecological environment and resources, shall not be transferred or promoted the use of important posts. The township (town, street) leading members and Party committees, governments and relevant departments of the above departments of the relevant agencies leadership by responsibility, shall be appraised in the annual target responsibility assessment, leadership also shall be rated as excellent leadership; by responsibility of leading cadres, cancel the annual assessment appraised and the selection of various kinds of advanced qualifications.