community convenience store self-service payment machine work time can also be paid, both convenient and easy to work for us to provide a great convenience." September 6th, in the provincial capital of Xining, the ancient city of Taiwan community food convenience stores, home to go home after the rapid delivery of Ms. Wang Aimei said happily.

this year, Xining power supply company by improving the payment means the level of informationization and modernization, expanding the counter payment, bank withholding, social collection and other traditional channels, the new type of payment method to actively promote the self-service payment terminal, 95598 mutual website, prepaid card and other flexible, let residents pay more diverse channels. Currently, there are 10 self-service payment terminal put into use, the next step, all over the city of Xining, Nanjing, Nanjing, 50 community convenience stores self-service payment terminal will be put into use. (author: Jia Ming Ma Jianxia)