recently, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a notice to further strict discipline requirements during the mid autumn festival.

notice stressed that the mid autumn day is approaching, in order to consolidate and deepen the implementation of the central provisions of the spirit of the eight and 21 provincial government measures, and resolutely prevent the rebound during the holiday, we would like to reiterate unwholesome tendencies, emphasizing the following disciplinary requirements: prohibited use of public funds to purchase gift or accepting a variety of boxing; prohibited use of public funds to purchase gift or accepting a variety of commercial prepaid cards, shopping cards, coupons and electronic gift cards; prohibited subsidies under various names spamming allowances, bonuses and kind; prohibited access to private clubs or high consumption of recreational activities; prohibited the use of weddings and funerals, housewarming took office, accepting lavish gifts entrance; prohibited Gongjusiyong, tourism, public funds to eat and drink and a variety of covert acts of violation of discipline.

notice that the implementation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight, correct the work of the four winds is a major political task. Party committees (party) to effectively assume the main responsibility for comprehensive strictly, strengthen the deployment of inspection, continued to force the pressure on the node, early intervention, through the network, newspapers, etc. the independent SMS, WeChat, in a timely manner to the party members and cadres demands, Hello, overcome the wait-and-see thought, luck and paralysis slack mood, put an end to violations of law, to further promote the spirit of the central eight provisions and the provincial government 21 measures air plant. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should open channels of supervision, innovative methods of supervision on the "four winds" new developments, do not accept the hand does not converge, and knowingly violate discipline violations, to be faster to do a thorough investigation, the typical problems giving names bulletin exposure. We should conscientiously implement the "China party accountability regulations", to implement the central eight provisions of the spirit of poor, "four winds" frequently, the problems found is not found, the report found that the problem is not do not dispose of the regions and departments as well as the default ask, strict accountability, accountability should be without accountability of leading cadres to serious accountability. The provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection will organize to carry out a thorough investigation or cross check.