The drainage culvert project of the main

our key livelihood projects, known as the city drainage artery has been completed, the afternoon of December 29th formally through the water, this is the reporter from the Xining city Cci Capital Ltd was informed of the Huangshui river.

extension (i.e. drainage culvert) project, the new laying 2 meters high, 2.5 meters wide and 16.2 kilometers of sewage culvert in Huangshui River, sewage conveying capacity of nearly 700 thousand tons, the culvert is very spacious, not only people can go, even the minicomputer can enter. Project started construction in December 2013, after a year of intense construction, on the afternoon of December 29th officially through the water. The completion of the project, to achieve "sewage collection and treatment, monitoring target, consolidated in recent years outfall remediation results, improve the water quality of the environment in Huangshui River Basin, is of great significance to promote the construction of ecological civilization.