on the morning of December 10th, sea lake district hospital officially broke ground. The building area of 266 thousand square meters, a total investment of 1 billion 500 million yuan after the completion of the project will rely on Capital Medical University and the Affiliated Hospital of teaching, scientific research and medical technology, to inject new vigor and vitality to the health service in Xining city.

from Qinghai Yintai property investment Refco Group Ltd to invest in the construction of the lake district hospital project, is to determine this year in Xining city as one of the tangible things, is also a key project in Xining city investment projects.

this year, a greater degree of convenience for people to seek medical treatment, Xining further promote the reform of public hospitals, especially public hospitals to promote for-profit and non-profit institutional reform. Rational distribution of medical and health resources, encourage social capital in the relatively weak areas of medical resources to host medical institutions.

The construction of

Lake New District Hospital has filled the blank of Xining’s large private hospitals. The project will be in accordance with the standards of the construction of the three level non profit private general hospital, relying on the teaching, scientific research and medical technology of Capital Medical University and affiliated hospitals, which has become an important supplement to public hospitals. At the same time, for the future residents of the lake area and the surrounding residents of a wider range of residents to provide quality medical and health services.