recently, Xining City West District Party committee focused on the implementation of the project on the west side of the vanguard index management assessment pilot project. This year, the city will take the lead in the implementation of the vanguard of the province vanguard index system management pilot.


vanguard index score system management is the innovation initiatives to create an upgraded version of the work of Party building, around the "Three Basics" plateau construction and pioneering work of the party striving to ideals and beliefs, learning progress, compliance system, voluntary service, performance record performance, promoting the 6 volume of pioneer vanguard index set to carry out regular. Integral system evaluation. The appraisal object includes all Party members in the western area. West District will be combined with the age, occupation, position, physical condition and other types of classification of the party members in the region according to the periodic quantitative assessment. After the evaluation, evaluation index for the different grades of the vanguard party, take recognition of the publicity and education guidance, organization, admonishing conversation disposal of different measures, supervise the rectification and improvement. The enthusiasm of Party members will effectively stimulate chuangxianzhengyou, promote grass-roots party members’ education and management scientific, institutionalized and standardized construction.

at the same time, this year the west area has to formulate and improve the grass-roots party construction appraisal, the four grade assessment of the double entrance exam, village (community) secretary of the party organization target responsibility evaluation and disposal of unqualified party members, Party members care management and use of funds to build grassroots responsibility target assessment system.