in mid April, the reporter from the Qinghai province’s first 330 thousand volt substation – Huayuan substation, Xining power company staff will have the "heart" of housing transfer substation – No. 2 main transformer, are itemized inspection equipment. The responsible person told reporters at the scene directing maintenance company, the overhaul is to carry on technological transformation to a 16 year run of No. 2 main transformer, increase operation efficiency, thus greatly enhance the reliability of Xining power grid.

it is understood that in the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the power grid, this year the company will continue to make great efforts to "upgrade" for the entire power grid, the total input for old equipment technical renovation and construction of the new network will be significantly more than in previous years, is expected to reach 750 million yuan. Due to historical reasons, a lot of debts in Xining power grid, the national Power Grid Corp and the provincial power company’s support, in recent years, Xining power supply company invested a lot of money, focus on Transformation of old equipment, and the replacement of new equipment. Only in 2006, they organized technical team of more than and 300 people to over 18 over load operation of 330 thousand volt substation Huang Jia Zhai carried out a major overhaul, create the main transformer in Qinghai power grid site overhaul 24 KVA first. In the same year also completed the transformation of 11 other 110 thousand volt substation and garden substation volt GIS equipment. The new and rebuilt 330 thousand kV line 234 km; 110 thousand kV line 28 km; 35 thousand kV line nearly 10 km; erection of new lines of more than 113 kilometers, the new transformer capacity of 36.4 KVA, and people living in the last 10 thousand kV power grid has basically realized the "hand in hand". They also further optimize the network structure of Xining city network 110 thousand volt and 10 thousand volt substation site layout of distribution network, the power supply of the city of Xining reliable rate reached 99.73%, and the new transformation of the year a total investment of over 200 million yuan.

this year’s overhaul of the garden substation, Xining power grid and even the main hub of the Qinghai power grid substation, 80% of the city’s residents and industrial and commercial electricity consumption of some factories and mines rely on it to transport. According to reports, the technical transformation of a total investment of about 1500000 yuan, the 18 parts of the main transformer group including storage cabinets, cooler groups, all replacement, repair all kinds of technical defects of old equipment exist, enhance the level of technology of main transformer. In addition, Xining power supply company will also Huang Jia Zhai 330 thousand volt substation, North Bridge and pool 110 thousand volt technology upgrades Han substation main transformer; anti ice transformation of 330 thousand volt line tower 10 km; 3 newly built 110 thousand volt substation in city intensive areas; efforts to transform a low voltage line to further increase, reduce the city blackout phenomenon fundamentally. (reporter Jian Hua)