6 January morning, Xining city bus company held 2010 annual summary in recognition of the general assembly, in recognition of the advanced collectives and individuals, the company advanced Party (Group) organization, outstanding Party member, outstanding Party (Group) (cadres) workers and company management staff attended the meeting at the grassroots level. Tan Mingjun, deputy director of the Municipal Transportation Bureau, municipal SASAC Party committee, discipline committee secretary and other leaders were invited to attend the meeting of Li Changjiang.

general manager Comrade Hu Jianning made a presentation entitled "summary report, tenacious struggle and pull together in times of trouble to deepen reform and harmonious development", from the main target company completed, security services, the travel of the masses, the reform of system and mechanism, company management and staff living environment, the weak and needy party work in eight aspects, the objective of the work in 2010 was summarized, analyzed the situation and opportunity of the company faced, and put forward the general idea and the development of the company in 2011 is expected to target. Based on superior "2, NPC and CPPCC" and the spring work requirements, the company deputy general manager Yang Jiansheng read "carry out a civilized and safe" quality service competition — the big 50 days, to ensure that documents of public travel "the two period, with specific arrangements for the operation of service work, ensure that the 2011 annual work good a good start for the first step.

will read "about the year 2010 in recognition of advanced collective and advanced individual decision" on the 2010 in recognition of the advanced Party Organization (Group), outstanding Party (Group) member, outstanding party workers, outstanding cadres of the decision "; with beautiful music, won the leadership of the company for the year 2010 the company advanced collective advanced individual awards.

, Secretary of the Party committee Comrade Feng Long on behalf of the company Party committee and administration over the past year to pay all the staff fighting in the enterprise on all fronts of hard work and efforts made to express my sincere respect and heartfelt thanks! In the Spring Festival is approaching, in advance to give you a new year and extend festive greetings. Called on all cadres and workers to face difficulties, seize opportunities, strengthen enterprise self development consciousness, simultaneously, two-way integration advantages, enhance the agglomeration force of enterprise self development, scientific planning, careful organization, quickly set off a new upsurge of fighting in 2011, and called "civilized and safe" big 50 days slogan. The security service work as the focus of the company to improve the management level of the task, as a top priority to people’s livelihood and social services to grasp, as to create a civilized city, create excellent public image of civilization to grasp, to ensure the effectiveness of quality service competition, to guide the direction of the annual work around the eastern city construction and smooth traffic and the "12th Five-Year" plan, serving the overall situation of economic and social development, deepening the city to create activities, a Competitive activities and the establishment of a learning party organization, shaping knowledge workers and other activities, with full enthusiasm and pragmatic work style to achieve the full development of the public transport.