in September 29th, by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal civilization office, the Municipal Bureau of SMG sponsored "the motherland in my heart" to celebrate the 65 anniversary of the establishment of the new Chinese and Xining City, the first public art festival Closing ceremony held in the central square of the big stage people. Zhang Min, vice chairman of the Federation, Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of propaganda department, city union chairman Wang Haihong, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Feng Lijun, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Ning, the county, the relevant departments and the masses of people attended the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony, the award-winning family and individual of "I love my family" family talent competition in Xining, "sing China dream" original song contest, Qinghai local folk art contest awarded prizes, and during the cultural festival of the excellent organizational units given in recognition.

so far, in order to practice the values, build a happy city "as the theme, focus on socialist core values," I said, I sing, I practice "as the main form, for a period of two months in Xining City Public Art Festival successful ending. The public culture and Art Festival series of cultural activities to folk art groups and the public as the main body, the interpretation of place in the public side of things, with things moving, moving situation, publicity and praise of human feelings, positive energy transfer community, demonstrating the public healthy life taste and good spirit. Culture and art festival since its inception, has been in the stage of the people and the County Cultural Square to carry out the "people star weekend" talent contest, square dance and aerobics competition, "sing China dream" original song contest, patriotic song festival, rural community cultural performances of ten major series of activities in the small stage carry out the "Hehuang Qu Yun" Qinghai local folk performances, while the "happy weekend meeting", "warm autumn night" and "public story" in the form of carrying forward the traditional culture, and guide people to deeply understand and practice the socialist core values, encourage the city’s cadres and the masses to promote the comprehensive deepening of reform, the construction of life the city of city of happiness of unremitting efforts.

During the

Festival, nearly 100 thousand extras art team of non-governmental organizations, to participate in various performances, districts, streets, communities, rural areas are also actively carry out rich and colorful cultural activities, the city’s various performances of nearly a hundred times, the scene audience of 150 thousand people. Part of the event is also broadcast, television, Internet and other media broadcast, praised by the public.

the public culture and art festival success not only highlight the vitality of the city of Xining, the people of Xining show more versatile and love life, positive spirit, a series of cultural activities in various forms, rich in content, fully embodies the "close to reality, life and the masses, enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life of our city further, to promote the socialist core values, to enhance the cultural quality of the city of Xining. At the same time, but also for the founding of new China 65 anniversary of the children of all ethnic groups in Xining blessing.