12 on the evening of 9 August, the Provincial Federation, the Provincial Cultural Office of press and publication sponsored by province Dancers Association, cultural center and other units of the "dance of Qinghai color · a China" 2016 Qinghai third mass dance contest ended at the Qinghai Normal University successfully. From around the province 13 people dance boutique in the finals and decide the one or two, third-prize.

the final scene, or a wild or mild love music sounded, the contestants stretch the graceful dance on the stage, sometimes turn into butterflies, and a flickering changing stage becomes more dazzling and colorful, won the scene bursts of applause. The mass dance competition aims to implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping on the work series of important speech, reflects people’s life, deeply rooted in our province literary creation style, in order to further the prosperity of our province, dance and arts, the rich cultural life of the masses, show the characteristic of Qinghai dance artistic charm.


contest starts from mid October, after the preliminaries, semi-finals, the final total of 13 program finalists, dance covers national folk dance, modern dance, classical dance and other forms of positive content, reflect the people of all ethnic groups in the province under the leadership of the Party of the happy life, to express the love of the party patriotism. That night, after fierce competition, Xining Art Museum "" spring has won the first prize; "art school" Maggie Amie ", Qinghai University Art Troupe" Chinese "mother" won the two prize; Qinghai Normal University sent the "antelope over hill art school", "on the road" pilgrims "the provincial youth activity center", "Ya Ya" was embroidered third-prize. These awards will be recommended by the provincial Dancers Association to participate in the 2017 annual national dance competition.