10 month 20 days, reporters from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Propaganda Department learned that since October 31st, the province public security departments in the province entry-exit self synchronization enabled devices, then, mass immigration formalities enjoy self-service equipment integration services, will greatly save public rush time.

day before, according to the actual situation of the exit Entry Administration of the business card for substantial growth, in order to ensure public security bureau management scientific and reasonable arrangements for the accreditation work, to ensure the normal order of acceptance and acceptance of the reception site work smoothly, the provincial public security department invested 45 million 790 thousand yuan for the province’s Public Security Bureau Management with a the entry of self-service equipment, purchased a total of 665 sets of equipment acceptance basis. And the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to determine the self-service equipment demonstration model units, from the person in charge, for self-service equipment suppliers in the field of equipment with the completion of trial work, ensure the self-service equipment business processes to meet business needs, good role model for the province enabled.

according to reports, enable the immigration self-service equipment is public security bureau management an important measure to improve the service and management level, will further enhance the work efficiency, innovation and convenient means to provide convenient services for the masses of diversification. The use of self-service machine, the machine in field application, payment, business card printing, forensics, ATM achieve one-stop service, compared to the previous, self acceptance procedures are simplified, the applicant is not required to fill in the application form, no queuing, no office.