in the region will implement the project this year in the area of eye, the installation of 400 HD probe, the crime prevention and control network construction of three-dimensional.

is in the eye in the sky project area is one of the tangible things, and be included in the overall planning of economic and social development of the year. Project a total investment of more than 1500 yuan, will focus on urban areas, major streets, schools, enterprises and institutions to achieve full coverage of electronic eye. At the same time, the urban area will gradually extend the tentacles of the electronic eye to the streets of the town, the Department and the village (community), the initial set of social management, social service resources interoperability, information sharing.

in order to strengthen management, to ensure efficient operation of the system, the region will further improve and perfect the mechanism of the formation of "responsibility, a good pattern of computer, mouse guard duty, online patrol, prevention and control of three-dimensional", combine the traditional prevention and control technology, to create a special group combined with a combination of static and dynamic, to prevent the all-round, three-dimensional type of prevention and control network, continue to enhance the public’s sense of security and satisfaction.