March 16th, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau held a mobilization meeting arrangements for the in-depth study and practice activities of Scientific Outlook on Development, to reflect the people’s efforts to solve the strong problem, efforts to provide humane medical services to the public, so that all people share the fruit into health development.

the meeting pointed out that there is a clear gap between the current city health development from the requirements of Scientific Outlook on Development, structural contradictions and institutional mechanisms restricting the development of health science still exist, the masses are outstanding difficult and expensive, inconvenient, not heart problems have not been fundamentally resolved. Therefore, the study and practice to combine and promote the health of scientific development, and strive to carry out "Five" to create activities: create a group of people satisfied with the hospital, medical and health services to create a batch of standardization, to create a batch of the province or city has some well-known specialty, to create a batch of civilization to create a harmonious and safe unit, leading the city’s health science and technology development team leader. To carry out the "six public service activities: that is to carry out health promotion activities to the clinic, to carry out health poverty alleviation assistance activities to carry out the Patriotic Health and health education activities to carry out TCM three activities, carry out physicians support rural health project activities, carry out family responsibilities of physicians in community activities. Through the study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, efforts to solve the outstanding contradictions facing the current health work, and promote the scientific development of health.