January 28th, the reporter walked into the Xining 71 West Road community, listen to the people of the two sessions and look forward to the future of a better life.

"in the past few days, I have not only learned about the" two sessions "on TV every day, but I also want to know about the in-depth reports from the newspaper." This year 77 year old Zhang Chang told reporters that many elderly people because their children are not around, pension has become a social problem. He hoped that the two sessions on behalf of members can put forward proposals on the pension issue. 71 West community leader Zhang Weiying said, through the news reports that, in recent years, many NPC deputies and CPPCC members suggested that the proposal is more and more close to the people’s livelihood, in line with public opinion, some suggestions on the project for the tangible things, some long-term goals included in advance each year, health care, drinking water safety, comprehensive environmental remediation work to the benefit of the people. I hope the government can pay more attention to the treatment of community workers, improve the overall quality of community workers, promote the building of a harmonious community.

community residents Mi Jianhua usually love to participate in a variety of literary activity, she told reporters that she will participate in Community College Vocal Music weekly classes, since participating in the sports activities of community organization, the people are getting younger. Ten things this year will include the government’s commitment to implement cultural Huimin engineering, hope that the government continue to focus on community infrastructure, increase the number of grassroots cultural entertainment, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the community residents. Community residents Lu Xingliang said happily, this year, the government work report also proposed the construction of a large number of various types of affordable housing, urban and rural residents to improve the per capita housing area, quality and set rate. But also pay more attention to the allocation of various types of affordable housing management, public and fair. This makes life difficult for these families we have to look forward to.

"is not a good policy of the party and the government, such as our family, I am afraid that I can not live on the building!" Lu Xingliang laments. (author: Wei Shuang)