Xining police cracked a large drug trafficking cases and seized 1000 grams of heroin, arrested a suspect.

at the beginning of August, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics narcotics detachment of two police brigade according to the masses, in the East District of a hotel and arrested two drug addicts. In the interrogation of drug addicts, learned that a middle-aged man surnamed Ma trafficking in eastern district. Narcotics detachment immediately set up a task force to carry out investigation work. 19 evening, at about 10 o’clock, when the suspect is carrying out a drug trafficking Ma, ambush in the vicinity of the police quickly arrested him, seized heroin on the spot of 146 grams. Subsequently, the police according to preliminary understanding of the situation, the suspects rented house in search of the law, with the Provincial Public Security Department of the dog team, were searched out 992 grams of heroin and drug paraphernalia in a closet, bed cabinet.

Ma confessed to the crime, at present, the case is under further investigation in the