As a positive response to the State Press and Publication Administration on carrying out the "hundred thousand school literary club childhood reading activities, enrich the children’s extracurricular cultural life, to create a rich campus cultural atmosphere, Qinghai people’s Publishing House in September 2014 to October featured more than 40 kinds of suitable for children to read books, or send through direct mail Tian donated to the Huangzhong county school, what Zhang Zhai Zhen Sha Gou Xiang Ping An County Central School and 10 other schools, opened a scholarly childhood series of theme activities of the big screen. By hosting the outstanding children’s books donated by famous writers school lectures, reading writing, reading and other excellent works of rich and colorful activities, to guide children healthy reading. October 13th Qinghai people’s publishing house, deputy editor in chief Wang Shaoyu led the staff of the Distribution Department, and Xining 71 road primary school organized a scholarly childhood theme activities. Wang Shaoyu, deputy editor of the press on behalf of the press, I hope the students often read, reading and learning as a way of life, as a way of life, wisdom, broaden their horizons. The press also invited the famous writers school I miss Xiao Dai speech, from how to read, how to cultivate reading interest, how to develop good reading habits and other aspects to encourage students to read more books, read good books. Three students read the outstanding composition on behalf of the activities of the final selection of the outstanding composition of the author presented prizes and certificates. Qinghai people’s Publishing House will take this event as an opportunity to continue to strengthen cooperation with primary and secondary school teachers and students, more suitable for reading high-quality books published for students, and the school to donate books and other public activities continue to do so.