Xining municipal public security bureau Party committee decided from May to 2012 to carry out the creation of advanced grass-roots party organizations and become the outstanding communist activities in the city’s public security organs grassroots party organizations and Party members in.

June 2nd morning reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a mobilization meeting was informed: Xining city public security organs at all levels to create "Five" advanced grass-roots party organizations, "five lead" outstanding communist activities carried out, so that the grass-roots party organizations and members of the public security construction truly become the vanguard, grass-roots work head person.

According to the

program, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau will take Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, to promote social harmony, serving the people, strengthen grassroots activities objectives and requirements, will the combat effectiveness and social effect, technology import and standardize the organic unity of law enforcement, and strictly implement the comprehensive management of social security measures, to improve the security risks, maintain social stability, to do good for the masses, do practical, problem-solving things, by striving for excellence, and strive to achieve the police use scientific and guarding against integration, intelligence, law enforcement management standardization, social efficiency maximization.

Xining municipal public security bureau Party committee asked the public security organs at all levels to do the "loyal guardians of the party, when the development of pioneer" as the carrier, according to the actual units and members of job characteristics, activity program designed to further strengthen the building of grassroots organizations, and constantly improve the levels of team cohesion and combat effectiveness, strengthening the exemplary role of Party members, by carrying out create a service brand, vanguard, gang members demonstration window, guide the majority of Party members to improve the ideology and work style, dedication, good learning example, striving to be a good image example, pioneer of civilization table rate, high quality service. The basic requirements of the combat units, around the "and excellent police than experts dedicated, professional, and law enforcement and post is more advanced than just" this one theme, vigorously carry out detection experts, Huimin model, law enforcement model, Party building demonstration chuangxianzhengyou activities, and to serve the development of the society, to promote peace Xining construction and lay a solid on the basis of.