in March this year, the Ministry of civil affairs "Fukang" project officially launched in our province, the relevant professional and technical personnel, the Civil Affairs Department of prosthetic rehabilitation center with 2 months time, I went to 18 counties in 4 regions to carry out screening and diagnosis, 102 disabled people in poor body divided into 4 batches organization to meet the surgical conditions Beijing national rehabilitation hospital for free surgery. Up to now, has 72 rehabilitation personnel treated in good condition, self-care ability improved significantly, the remaining 30 were to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, and continues to receive further rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation aids with training.

Since the

"Fukang" project implemented in our province, because the treatment effect is very obvious, warmly welcomed by the local government and the recipient object, the implementation of the project provides a great help in improving the situation of poor people with disabilities and family survival and development, especially to create the future brings hope to the knowledge and the strong desire of young people employment body the disabled and their families, to change the fate of.

The total annual investment costs

"Fukang" project of about 12 million yuan, are solved by the Ministry of civil affairs of the lottery fund.