July 23rd, enter the twenty-four solar term in the great heat, high temperature spread throughout the country, the hot weather makes people shouted: "hot, hot, hot." But Xining is not even in the true sense of the summer, in recent days, the average temperature is still around 15 degrees Celsius, the weather is far from the true meaning of the summer.

It is one of the twenty-four solar term

, is the hottest period of the year, the highest temperature, the fastest growth of crops, at the same time, a variety of meteorological disasters in many areas such as drought and waterlogging are the most frequent. Although the symbol of summer is hot, but in Xining is another scene.

these days a little hot, today is great heat, is not our Xining summer is coming?" Under the shade of a tree, a taxi, a shopping area, everyone is talking about the topic. Is there a summer in our city? The city meteorological station staff told reporters: "in meteorology, continuous average temperature higher than 22 DEG C for 5 days before the summer, statistical analysis of meteorological data from mid July, Xining rainfall, the temperature is low, the daily average temperature at 13 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees Celsius, did not reach the standard of Meteorology is said. So far, Xining city is not the beginning of summer. The next three days in Xining mainly to fine weather, the daily maximum temperature 27 to 31 DEG c."

according to the city meteorological observatory data, the past 5 days the average temperature of the city were: 13.3 degrees C, 13.8 C, 14.8 C, 16.1 C, C. According to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory staff expects the date from 23 to 28, the city’s weather, the temperature is higher, it may reach an average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, but this is only a very small possibility.