to commemorate the thirty anniversary of the Chinese river rafting, one called drifting China, the Yangtze River rafting limit challenge will be held on June 5th in Yushu.

the "drifting China" 2015 Yangtze River rafting expedition ultimate challenge drifting warriors, both the national team and has trained with regularity, strong folk master; both experienced heroic predecessors, and bold but cautious young, can be described as "set top China master on a ship". They will use the most advanced equipment, the most reasonable tactics, the greatest passion and passion to drift across the Yangtze River basin.

1985, Chinese changpiao first yaomao books decided to one ship to the headwaters of the Yangtze River, and their ships named "dragon", was the first Chinese Yangtze River rafting, for the Chinese people in the history of the world drifting writing a thick and heavy in colours. Drift mental impact and incentives in the Yangtze River in 1986 yaomao books, the Yangtze River and the Yellow River in 1987 once again set off a national drifting, drifting boom! Thirty years later, built by Chinese extreme sports association "drift Chinese", to commemorate the thirty anniversary of Chinese river rafting as the main line, with "2015 Yangtze River rafting limit" as the carrier, in a way to show the process of drifting along the river China for thousands of years of history, the humanities and social change.

it is understood that the first station is scheduled to drift from Yangtze source birthplace – Dandong the pull at the foot of mountain ginger Goodey glacier, which is Chinese for the first time at an altitude of 6000 meters of glacial valleys limit rafting challenge.