8 month 13 days, with "harmonious Qinghai Lake Race sharing" as the theme of the fourth session of the Qinghai Lake the road cycling Invitational in Ledu sea area of East city start, the contest is supported by Chinese CDPF, jointly organized by the provincial federations, Provincial Sports Bureau, the tournament organizing committee. 50 disabled athletes from 9 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions will compete in the 3 stage, good spirit of unremitting self-improvement, tenacious struggle, disabled people show love life.

this game for a period of three days, a total of three stages. Start the same day criterium 49 kilometers in Ledu sea area of East City, Tan Zeqiang from the Hebei team won the first place in this stage, in August 14, 15 days in Haibei Haiyan County Wang Luobin square — Shapotou, Qinghai Lake (Nanshan) climbing season, the total mileage of 100 km. Compared with the previous three Invitational games, it has the characteristics of large scale, strong comprehensive strength of athletes and distinctive theme.

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reports, held in Qinghai Lake for road cycling Invitational, aims to further enhance the enthusiasm of participation in physical fitness activities, called on the majority of disabled people who promote scientific fitness, enhance physical fitness, out of the house, full participation in social life. At the same time, the overall framework of events in the lake race, Qinghai publicity, enhance exchanges, show disabled career development achievements and helping the disabled a good social atmosphere, rich spiritual and cultural life of disabled persons.