February 16th, the city of Commerce and Industry Bureau in the west of the surprise checks, seized a number of cottage mobile".

in order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to combat illegal business mobile phone market, the West Branch of city Industrial and Commercial Bureau even bargain law enforcement officers found 16 days in Tongren Road mobile phone square check, some dealers selling the Shing, Hong Kong Litong, XinDa, AUX, friends, Sanjuwang unishi suspected counterfeit brands such as mobile phone, some mobile phone as the "three noes" products. Law enforcement officers on the spot forcibly detained Zhang suspected of counterfeiting business households of 12 mobile phone operators, seized Tangmou suspected 755 network license card forgery and 14 suspected counterfeit mobile phone, mobile phone seized Liu suspected counterfeit head 14, mobile phone 8. At the same time, law enforcement officers in the inspection of electronic city road victory victory road, EGO digital square, also dealt with a number of alleged impurities, shoddy mobile storage equipment, seized suspected counterfeit SONY, kimshidon brands such as U disk 170, memory card 47, CDSD 60.