has a 4000 year history of the Shen Na site — the ancient Qiang nationality settlements in Hehuang village, has a history of 1600 in earthen view, biological park museums, rustic garden…… Like a bright pearl inlaid in the ancient city of Xining, this piece of land. Now, in the preservation of traditional folk culture and art at the same time, the accumulation of 33 ethnic groups, the total population of more than 26 of the "national advanced culture", the times tide, change idea, swagger, out of a culture and tourism integration development, boutique development special road.

Qinghai news network culture industry – the soul of the North District Development

culture is the spirit and soul of a nation, is a powerful force for national development and national rejuvenation. As an emerging industry, the cultural industry has become a new growth point of regional economic development. In recent years, the north of the city to build a public cultural service system, the depth of excavation of folk cultural resources, efforts to create a distinctive brand, in the cultural industry on the road, the road more spacious.

has a long history of the north area, still retains many traditional folk art and culture, rich local characteristics, especially the Sunjiazhai Kang Nian Li Pu Zhen Jia Qiao "flowers", Beichuan area is become an independent school in Hehuang area string. Take the culture as the soul of the development of the north of the city to seize the advantages of these areas, integration of resources, innovation and advocacy carrier, strengthen project support for the development of cultural industries to provide a good space.

walked into the North District Cultural Center, people are free to use multi-function hall, rehearsal hall, computer network classroom and other public venues and facilities, grassroots cultural team and the jurisdiction of the masses can also enjoy free counseling and training of professional culture and art. At present, the North District has 1 houses of culture, urban culture, cultural community station 2 standard 23, active in the community amateur performance team 100, the creation of "Xi Po 27.409" "Liu Tsui monk play" "umbrella lamp" and a number of known programs, and during the Spring Festival. But throughout the township fire, become a major brand of mass cultural activities.

in the depth of mining folk cultural resources, Qinghai local opera singing in the north of the city has been everywhere. This year, in the northern part of the folk art awards and folk art performances, 28 folk artists were commended, while the evaluation of the district level intangible cultural heritage project 14, district level non heritage inheritors of 22 people. The big head of the monk Liu Cui, Beichuan, the string has been included in the provincial intangible cultural heritage list, a strong impetus to the city’s intangible cultural heritage heritage protection.

to support the development of cultural industries, north area declared Township interest farming culture industrial park, rural culture compound 8 cultural industry projects, 7 cultural enterprises such as a reporting company such as la culture industry demonstration base project, now, Chengbei district has 3 provincial cultural industry demonstration base. In addition, 48 million yuan investment in the north area of film and Television Arts Culture Center has started construction; by the Qinghai theatre company to invest 5 million yuan, with 2 / 42;