Seismological Bureau of Xining province to monitor the technical personnel to participate in the province’s monitoring technology training

10 month 16 to 17, the Provincial Seismological Bureau monitoring technology center held a blasting seismic analysis and recognition training, our bureau Seismic Network Center staff in both at the same time the earthquake duty participated in the training. The training, by the Beijing seismic network center of the original seismic analysis group leader Zhou Laishun, a researcher, including the seismic phase analysis, collapse of the earthquake, blasting seismic analysis and the identification and analysis of very far seismic phase. In two days of training time, she used to explain a lot of waveform examples and case blast waveform comparison, in-depth analysis to clarify the identification of earthquake and explosion and how to confirm the very teleseismic waveforms of the three elements of earthquake, the methods of work to expand the work of thinking monitoring staff. Through this training, I know the Personnel Bureau monitoring blasting waveform and a large number of special seismic waveform analysis, and accumulated experience, solve the problems encountered in the current seismic analysis, further improve the business skills and the level of work, laid the foundation for high quality assurance and earthquake analysis and earthquake quick reporting work.