2012 in February 7th, the Xining traffic construction and Development Co., Ltd. organized the 2011 21 pedestrian bridge project return meeting, the construction, supervision unit project manager, the main person in charge of the meeting. First of all, the unit reported difficulties and problems of the project return to work, as well as the next phase of the project schedule. Second, according to the questions and plans by the construction, supervision and construction units to discuss solutions, collect all kinds of engineering change to engineering contact single newspaper owners, the owners contact as soon as possible design units, and in written form to change the contents of each unit answer. Third, requires all construction units as soon as possible to the preparatory work, the supervision unit of material, equipment and personnel to carry out careful checks, strict supervision, actively cooperate with the various project coordination, and jointly promote the project construction. Finally, the meeting decided to bid the project each time is February 15, 2012, 9 bridge built in 2012 in the "51" Festival and put into use, 12 bridges for completion in June 20th, ready for the 2012 race around the lake ".