to promote clean government culture, the construction of a clean and honest north, recently, the North District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau in the city’s first district level commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of the official micro-blog".
"the north" chief micro-blog opened window propaganda is not only a clean government culture, in a certain sense, is the discipline inspection organs attach great importance to network public opinion, for the masses to actively participate in the anti-corruption initiatives, the discipline inspection organs more than one acquisition channel of information and clues of corruption. According to reports, "the north" the official micro-blog just try to run for a month, micro-blog fans is not much, north of the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision bureau that belonged to the various units and departments and cadres and the masses to give attention and support, and work together to the clean government culture publicity and communication window to run, the public can log into QQ "the north" (1253343945) as a friend, pay attention to. (author: Fan Shengdong)