With the arrival of the tourist season, our province will follow a variety of large-scale activities, which is especially important to the number of Qinghai Lake international road cycling race events, in order to do the preparatory work, recently, the Provincial Department of transportation under the general staff of the highways, traffic along the road region environment around the race via of major renovation, and rectification of illegal advertising, disorder and other obstacles of illegal buildings.

it is reported that, to enhance the overall level of service of Qinghai highway, combined with the province to carry out the "beautiful town, beautiful countryside construction, the provincial transportation department and other relevant departments will from this year to 2016 by three years the province’s highway, the main regulation of national and provincial trunk highway, leading to the main scenic spots along the road, the high population density sections and local government under the jurisdiction of the rural highway, and strive to achieve the" eight free environment along the traffic regulation". In April 29th, the reporter with the Provincial Department of transportation highway paragraph Haidong Haidong city staff drove to see along the road region rectification, the reporter saw a road section of the highway staff are on the high-speed Beijing Tibet from Xining to peace along the shoulder for cleaning, and clean up the trash in the province channel. According to the responsible person of the Ministry of Haidong highway, the 6 districts of the East Sea will intensify efforts to clean up, they are currently under the jurisdiction of the 1600 km road has been renovated in the section of the road of more than and 600 kilometers, along the garbage clean up to 3700 cubic meters.

another report, as of late April, provincial trunk highway in our province in environmental remediation clean-up along the 5857.94 cubic meters of garbage.