2016 is the 25 anniversary of the implementation of the hope project in our province. Since the implementation of the project in 1991 in Qinghai, China Youth Development Foundation, the provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to and support from all sectors of society. At present, the hope project has become one of the most influential brand projects in our province.

in our province since the implementation of the hope project has raised a total of 380 million yuan of funds (materials), to build 337 hope primary school in the province, more than 93 thousand funded students, hope primary school and Primary School of rural poverty is equipped with audio-visual facilities, sports equipment, books, music, happy hope, hope the kitchen project amounted to 50 million yuan.

in recent years, as the continuous started the Qinghai project hope the new brand, provincial Corporation created the "star of hope high school class student projects, strive for the caring people inside and outside the province and enterprises to support the establishment of" star of hope high school class student fund mode of operation to the project to help the family poor students complete high school. I have been in the province to implement the "Caravan", "gold", "Longhu", "day", "Jiayuan 5 projects in 49 classes, donated a total of 6 million 620 thousand yuan, has graduated 39 classes.

dream university action "since 2006 has been launched for 11 years, raising a total of 34 million 904 thousand yuan of special funds, a total of 11337 freshmen to help the poor, and for the needy students to solve problems, to do good things.

also continue to develop Qinghai hopes the new field of Engineering Afforestation, to advocate green civilization, a total of 1 million 850 thousand yuan to raise funds, the implementation of the Xunhua people, and two county "Konka walnut forest" public welfare projects 1 million yuan, nearly 300 households to help farmers to get rich. In the lac town of Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture launched the "century old silver forest project, investment 230 thousand yuan donated 5.33 hectares of afforestation. Has for 500 thousand yuan of funds to build 66.67 hectares of green often in Qing Lin Tu Autonomous county". In Zeku County, 120 thousand yuan investment in the implementation of "Shen Tongmeng" project 13.33 hectares, effective governance of the grassland desertification.

following the 2014 Youth League warm winter action since the start, will continue to pass the love again. For more complex, Maduo pastoral boarding school and Datong and Huangzhong in remote schools sent winter supplies. Up to now, a total of 61 of the province’s agricultural and pastoral boarding school sent a warm winter goods worth $6 million 100 thousand. In addition, actively participate in the province’s poverty alleviation precise, continue to rely on the hope project of the carrier and the starting point, combined with the poor areas and youth needs, optimize commonweal project, actively carry out donations, poverty alleviation, twinning recognize the pro work, take the initiative to contact the donor for Dongshan village, Xishan Xiang Zheng Jia Shan Cun, Huzhu county two schools donated 2 hope library and the red scarf to the local radio station, 50 poor students to donate, help them to realize their dreams.

is not only a hope project, helping the poor, donate Huimin engineering, it is a responsibility with love and lit the light of hope, lit up every winter;