"I am a judge of People’s Republic of China, I pledge allegiance to the motherland and to the people……." 2013 the first working day, Qinghai City, Xining city court organization of all judges in the trial hall solemnly swear. This is the Supreme People’s Court on December 23, 2012 issued the "People’s Republic of China judge rules (Trial)" after the oath, I organized for the first time the provincial court judge oath, sworn judges occupation activities designed to enhance the sense of mission and sense of honor, let each judge remember our lofty solemn mission and responsibility, with rigorous, pragmatic style and full enthusiasm to the new year work.

at half past ten in the morning, the hospital all the judges dressed in a robe of spirit, gathered in a court building. The Dean Comrade Ma Dexiang took oath, the judge for the national flag, raised his right hand and solemn oath in the National Anthem accompaniment: "I am a People’s Republic of China judge, I swear to be loyal to the motherland, loyal to the people, loyal to the Constitution and the law, faithfully fulfill the duties of judges with occupation ethics, abide by the code of conduct for judges, justice, honesty and justice. The people of justice, and strive to maintain social fairness and justice."

is involved in the oath of the judge said that the oath of activities to make us more aware of their mission to maintain social fairness and justice, to deepen understanding for why when the judge, who, for whom the ideals and beliefs of judicial service and the "fair, honest and for the people" core values of police officers and men to understand.

over the years, the hospital is committed to the construction of judges, judges in purpose focus the majority of ideals and beliefs, awareness, correct guidance and education of honesty and other aspects, especially in the past one or two years, the college in the system construction as the starting point, with the theme of education as the carrier, to further strengthen the building of leading bodies, constantly to improve the ability of solidarity officer. Strengthen the building of the contingent of cadres, and constantly improve the ability of the passion officer. Adhere to strengthen measures, improve the mechanism, closely linked to the theme of development, adhere to the correct use of people oriented, good team with good cadres. Promote the integrity of judges and staff practitioners, enhance the sense of responsibility of all comrades, gratitude awareness, innovation awareness, strengthen the ability to perform their duties. To further strengthen the style of work, and constantly improve the ability of practical stewards. Put the work style of cadres as a long-term task, put in a more prominent position, carry forward the pragmatic spirit, Daxing pragmatic style, advocate hard work, hard work. To further strengthen the trial management innovation, improve the trial process, trial quality evaluation, trial performance appraisal system, improve the technological content of trial work, strengthen the theoretical and professional training, continuously improve the ability to judge the people’s justice. Further with the truth, passion, affection attitude to work, to enhance people’s recognition of the court’s work, enhance the credibility of the judiciary, indeed the implementation of justice for the people. The work has made breakthrough progress and leap forward development.

after the oath, President Ma Dexiang proposed to all judges, I hope the judge should take this event as an opportunity to relive the oath, inspire the spirit of innovation, keep in mind the mission, with "new attitude, new;