2016 years, the province’s urban shantytowns task 80281, as of now, the new project has started 80 thousand and 600, the completion of the annual target task of 100.44%. Completed an investment of 12 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of $300 million over the same period last year.

is a powerful starting point in recent years, the province at all levels of government to shantytowns as the improvement of people’s livelihood and the development of people’s livelihood, as the expansion of investment and promote consumption and always in a prominent position, efforts to promote, and as a binding target, into the local leadership and leading cadres at all levels of assessment content, implement the "number one" engineering, has achieved results.

it is understood that the province in September 2015 started the preparatory work for the 2016 penggai project construction of detailed planning and land acquisition, compensation and resettlement projects, establish shantytowns fast track administrative examination and approval, simplify procedures, improve work efficiency, the deadline to complete the project, planning permission and approval procedures. Initiative and CDB, the establishment of agricultural reform shantytowns cooperation mechanism to promote the transformation of shanty towns.

at the same time, always put the quality and safety problems in the first place the construction of affordable housing projects, the full implementation of the project quality responsibility system and lifelong accountability system, strictly enforce the construction of publicity card system and permanent signage system and household acceptance system of basic construction procedures, standards and processes, strict planning and design, bidding bidding, construction material, construction supervision, completion acceptance mark, the implementation of "zero tolerance" attitude to quality problems. In addition, the establishment of urban shantytowns project ledger, the implementation of monthly system, dynamic monitoring of the progress of the project. Take a piece of the contract approach, increase the daily inspection efforts to change the shed to find the problem in a timely manner. The full implementation of affordable housing project information disclosure, all city, state and county at the local government website disclosure of relevant information, and through the establishment of reporting telephone, mail, e-mail and smooth way of reporting channels, the whole social supervision.