Recently, the Communist Youth League Xining Municipal Youth Employment and entrepreneurship internship base for a post demand statistics, after screening and sorting through the Xining personnel network (WWW)

recently, the Xining municipal League conducted a statistical demand for jobs on the base of Xining youth employment and entrepreneurship training, through screening and finishing by Xining personnel network (, the recruitment of Qinghai group and Xining group released a special recruitment post demand.

The establishment of

in Xining city youth employment base is the CYL Central Committee, according to provincial requirements on the establishment of a training base, combining with the actual situation of Xining municipal Party committee and the establishment of "youth employment and entrepreneurship training base", aims to help our graduating college graduates and graduate employment of college graduates, unemployed youth and youth migrant workers employment the problem, effectively serving the youth. By providing job opportunities, improve youth employment skills, the accumulation of entrepreneurial experience to create conditions. At the same time, for enterprises to build a personnel, reserve personnel platform, extensive integration of social resources, to ease the pressure on youth employment, care and help create good atmosphere for youth employment and entrepreneurship, play a positive role in promoting youth employment and entrepreneurship.

this special post demand release of the Qinghai Enze Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd., Qinghai Tianqiao Industrial Group Co. Ltd., Qinghai sunshine woman Mining Co. Ltd and Xining happy delicacy square and other 14 municipal and district level youth employment and entrepreneurship training base in the near future labor demand, and the related clerks, engineers, planners, cooks, metaler, accounting of 42 different types of work, employment reached 241 people, received strong support from the Xining municipal development of talent exchange center. At the same time, the promotion of youth employment and entrepreneurship training base corporate culture, promote enterprise employment, to achieve the purpose of youth employment and entrepreneurship.

in the future, the Municipal Corporation will continue to strengthen the construction and management of youth employment and entrepreneurship training base, gradually release the employment needs of enterprises, service youth employment and entrepreneurship, help young growth, play a social role of the youth employment and entrepreneurship training base.