July 14th, by Chinese Hospital Association First Aid Center (station), Chinese Hospital Association Branch emergency center (station) the national emergency center of earthquake rescue work on management of disaster emergency medical rescue Specialized Committee, Qinghai provincial emergency center jointly organized the meeting held in Xining. From 22 areas of Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu and other emergency center of earthquake relief medical workers to communicate with each other, at the forum summing up experience, put forward to find the existing problems, to explore how to establish a more complete social city disaster medical rescue system. Department of health administration responsible person, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman, health department director Chen Ziquan attended the forum.

it is understood that after the Wenchuan earthquake, the national emergency centers around the spirit of "a difficult one, help comes from all quarters" and "national 120 is a" spirit, has composed an emergency relief team, and went to the disaster area, devoted to this battle has been basically completed the difficult and perilous emergency task. To participate in the forum are in earthquake disaster area at the scene rescue staff, they found the same through personal experience, in the earthquake relief process reflects the commonness and individuality of disaster emergency medical system in our command, team organization, on-site rescue, emergency deployment of resources and other aspects of the problem and the gap between the developed countries. Through the use of the video, images, text and other information in the earthquake relief, we will explain the problems and experience in the earthquake relief work in their respective units, and put forward the idea of future improvement work. I went to the vice captain of Sichuan earthquake relief medical rescue team Kimiyasu Caidan constructive suggestions on the future of Earthquake medical rescue.