by the Qinghai branch of China Mobile group, China Mobile branch of government and enterprise customers to build "wisdom hospital" series of products in our province on October 20th officially released, in the future, the masses of our province will enjoy the convenience of digital medical.

it is understood that the wisdom of the hospital series product planning according to the pre hospital appointment, hospital treatment and rehabilitation monitoring in the hospital, from the quality of service, service cost and service three aspects and in-depth research, will achieve the interaction between patients and medical personnel, medical institutions, medical equipment between the medical personnel assistant the provision of health care work, the whole process of closed loop management.

according to the relevant person in charge, the wisdom of the hospital will achieve many new functions can not be achieved before, such as medical image data through the cloud storage preservation, open up the barriers between medical imaging, and the user can move to 3D reconstruction and diagnosis through the tablet computer, mobile phone, portable equipment, will also realize the remote consultation, remote teaching, remote ECG, remote medical imaging, remote monitoring and remote comprehensive emergency.