with the development of the Internet, the Internet security gradually began to be more and more people’s attention. Fu Sheng believes that due to the network and more and more closely, from anti-virus to server security, protocol layer security has a huge security risk. Existing infrastructure is simple information transmission, whether the safety impact generated by got large-scale application is still in doubt.

in the mobile Internet era, once the outbreak of viruses and Trojans pop up faster than before.

The security problem of

point increase in attacks before making a simple security solution is difficult to really work.

by the government itself is difficult to adapt to the rapid development of the Internet should help the enterprise development pace, Chinese faster, better technology, and can technology monopoly enterprises contest in technology, have a stronger voice.

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Second, in the mobile Internet era of globalization becomes very obvious. We can find a lot of Chinese characteristics of the virus, Trojan horse, we only need to pay attention to this piece is enough. Now the security problem of globalization is very serious, there are mobile phone security software killing the mobile phone, we have to analyze millions of money APP did not know what a problem, once the outbreak of pop up faster than before. As a local company, how to find a deeper problem on a global scale?

Third, thanks to the Internet and economy more and more relevant, more and more practitioners, which only a few hackers show off skills security issues become less, security issues and economic benefits associated with large-scale.