2015, a variety of government subsidies and business loans to the majority of entrepreneurial projects strong help. Tianjin District of Jinnan on the launch of more than one billion yuan of scale business loans, a strong boost in terms of capital entrepreneurship.

by different custom, can realize the monitoring of temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and other functions, can be set to complete switch windows or automatic switch window to remind. At the same time, when the indoor combustible gas, smoke reaches a certain concentration, the window will automatically open, to ensure the safety of indoor personnel. Smart window also has anti-theft function, once the window is strongly changing the angle of opening or hit, hit and other violent behavior will automatically alarm." At present, the smart door and window sample is still further optimization, is expected to enter the market this year.

"our technology breakthrough 200 DEG industrial low temperature waste heat utilization bottleneck, to reduce the use of primary energy through the use of waste heat, from the source to reduce haze, a force for environmental protection." Deputy general manager of TRW Xinyuan Energy Technology Co. Ltd. Wang Huanhai said, "through the recycling of energy, but also can save money, reduce production cost and increase competitiveness." Through the contest, the 68 projects to achieve landing, of which 48 projects have been incubator carrier, financial sector, investment institutions to help or investment.