as a result of the current number of electric products is very large, so that the existence of a huge market for the repair of the vast market. Coupled with the current market a variety of publicity, so many entrepreneurs believe that this business is worth our investment. However, in the actual operation of the current process, the use of waste batteries repair business opportunities in the course of the operation but also the emergence of a variety of problems. So, what are the problems existing in the repair of waste batteries?


Ezhou Mr. Tan personally took the battery multi study, in July 2006 from the Beijing company to repurchase equipment. After opening the door to know that many batteries can not be repaired, but not repair and can not be determined, often wasted effort.

project name:

waste battery repair

iconic slogan: "energy saving and environmental protection set off a new round of wealth storm", "waste batteries back to life, seize the opportunities 10 billion".

project advertising:

so-called waste battery refers to the lead-acid battery, which is widely used in civil electric bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles and communications, aerospace and other fields. Due to its limited life, coupled with the impact of the external environment, such as temperature, its normal life is shortened, so every year there are a large number of waste batteries. How to deal with these waste batteries, even turning waste into treasure, is a major issue for government agencies, private researchers and a lot of desire from the "gold rush" in the firm.

recently, many domestic manufacturers and the so-called "research" that they made a major breakthrough in the field of Technology: "won the national invention patent"; "battery repair rate reached 80%, or even 95%"; "cycle repair, repeated use, the battery life is prolonged by 3~5 times"; "repair a battery charge 100 yuan, while the cost just a few dollars a day, at least 10 repair group, monthly 30 thousand yuan net profit is not difficult" and so on, a similar description appears frequently in various newspapers and TV shows rich news and advertising, advertising, merchants flying all over the sky.

project review:

waste battery repair project really feasible? Do you really make money? The reporter specifically asked the experts China in electrochemistry, Professor Liu Houtian professor Zhang Jianqing of the Zhejiang University and the Fudan University, and the management of the project of entrepreneurs interviewed. Comprehensive expert opinion and operator operation, waste battery repair project has the following problems.

1, technology is not new.

lead-acid battery repair technology has been used in the German army armored vehicles and tanks during World War II, after the introduction of the United states. In the last century 7>